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The quality of teaching has changed over the years, the vast
academic syllabus and the large number of students per
class means that teachers are not able to focus on the level
of learning of individual students as much.
One way of helping your child do well in academics is to hire a
home tutor. A home tutor comes home to tutor your child and
can help your child get the much needed help with studies at
a pace, time, and place convenient to them. Let's look at the
advantages of hiring a home tutor in greater detail.
Benefits of a Home Tutor
1. Personalised attention

We all differ in our abilities to grasp new concepts and so do
children. Some kids pick up new ideas faster, while others
need a little more explaining.

A home tutor can customise his/her teaching style to the
learning requirements of your child. Also with no one else in
the room to judge their level of understanding, your child
feels more comfortable asking questions which they may
feel hesitant to raise in a class or in a private tutoring
session where there are other students.
2. Create a study regime

Sometimes as a parent, it's difficult to get your child to
work on their homework. Young children especially, can
throw tantrums or give every possible excuse when the
mother asks them to sit down for studies.

When you hire a home tutor, the child knows when the
teacher will arrive and how long the study lesson will last.
With a home tutor, your child will have a more formal
teaching relationship, and they are unlikely to be as unruly
as they would be with you when you try to make them
3. Greater flexibility

A home tutor offers you more convenience than sending your child to a private coaching class. You can fix a
tuition timing that is convenient to your child.  Rescheduling tuition lessons is a lot easier. If you have to be
somewhere else on a particular day, you can request the tutor to arrive a little earlier or later. Depending on
your child's exam schedule at school, you can arrange for extra tuition classes or ask the tutor to focus on
certain topics for the next few sessions.
4. Help your child adjust to a new learning environment

Some parents work in transferable jobs. In the Armed Forces, for instance, parents relocate to a new
city/town every two to three years. With teaching standards varying significantly between locations, a home
tutor can help your child adjust to a new academic system or a new school much faster.

Some modern schools are transitioning to digital classrooms, and your child may struggle to understand the
concepts in class with the new teaching method. In such a scenario, a home tutor can reiterate what's being
taught at school.
5. Prepare for competitive exams

If your child aspires to take competitive exams such as the National Science Olympiad, they would need help
in covering the syllabus. Having a private tutor who is experienced in coaching for these exams can really
help your child perform up to his/her best ability.
6. Avoid the hassle of travel

Children have a full-day with school and often attend extra-curricular classes afterwards. Having to go to a
tuition centre just eats up time in their packed schedule. In the cities, a private tutor may be located at some
distance from your home, which means that you also need to arrange for conveyance as well.

On the other hand, with a home tutor, your child is saved the trouble of additional travel. The time saved can
be better spent with your child playing in a nearby park or catching up on some much needed afternoon
7. Controlled study environment

Sending your child to private tuition classes at a coaching centre comes with certain worries; your child has to
travel to another place, and you can't really control whom they meet. But with a home tutor you have peace of
mind knowing that your child is safe at home.

Most children can benefit from the help of a home tutor. When looking for a good home tutor be clear on what
you want out of the tutoring experience for your child. For instance, does your child need special help on a
particular subject, or do you need someone to help with the homework on various subjects?
A good home tutor can help your child unlock the door to self-confidence and develop a love of learning. The
process of hiring a home tutor for your child is easy - just register with Isabellas Property Services Home
Tutor Program.
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