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Isabellas Property Services
Our revolutionary home services platform helps others make time for what they love by finding help for
what they don’t. Isabellas Property Services platform connects customers who need chores completed
with background-checked, self-employed Providers who are able to earn money using their skills on their
own schedule. More than 50,000 Providers service 130 metropolitan markets across the United States.
Customers can book chores 7 days a week, on-demand, same-day or for a future date through a web
portal. All payment is handled through the Isabellas Property Services platform.
Isabellas Property Services takes the guesswork out of
home services with pre-priced and pre-defined chores.
Customers can create a Custom chore or choose from over
400 small jobs available for instant ordering including junk
removal, furniture assembly, handyman repairs,
installations, house cleaning and lawn care..
Isabellas Property Services originally launched in Tampa,
Florida its hometown, in the summer of 2016 and is now
available in 130 metro areas across the United States.
Isabellas Property Services is powered by a group of
developers, support team members, operations specialists
and growth marketers passionate about helping others find
fast help for small jobs.
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